Breast Cancer Gene Screening Legislation

In January, a Breast Cancer Gene Screening bill I initiated -- HB 2529 – was introduced into the Arizona House. Basically, it would obligate primary care doctors to properly screen for familial BRCA mutations and recommend genetic counseling if appropriate and it would be covered by insurers.  If passed, it should save many lives. It would also save on the enormous expensive of cancer treatment paid by the patient and the insurance companies for a cancer that was not prevented or caught early. It is based on a law passed last year in Nevada (SB 251).

I initiated the bill in my wife Donna’s honor because she died a needless death from hereditary cancer. Had this bill been in place, I would not be a widower. Proper screening years ago, genetic testing, and prophylactic surgery would have reduced her cancer risk by 95%. I sincerely hope this bill will pass and it will prevent many, many others from suffering Donna's fate.

 I’m hoping support for its passage will grow.

Text of the bill:

Progress report:

If you live in Arizona, please contact your state representative and urge their support. Thank you.
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